Novelist Julio Cortázar once wrote, “Only by living absurdly is it possible to break out of this infinite absurdity.” Barrett Wilson may not want to leave absurdity behind; according to his latest single, he wants “One More Day”.

As soon as the bright and happy guitars jangle the opening bars to life, there’s an element of silliness in the air. Even Wilson’s opening lyric, “It’s all just moving so fast,” lingers on the last word, purposefully making “fast” slow.

And while the contradictions of text and music might sound discordant on paper, Wilson weaves them together into an easy bop that keeps your ears wanting more. The highly rhythmic harmony bounces along, pulling you through each musical section.

The bridge is the only place where the steady stream of rhythm starts to deteriorate, but again, in a farcical way. Musical lines pop out, battling with each other before resolving into each other—another metaphor for all of life’s influences melding together.

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Just as the chorus begs for one more day, “One More Day” leaves you begging for just one more bar.

Stream “One More Day” below.

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