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Carpet Waves

Over two years of a pandemic weigh heavy on the world. There was despair and hope, isolation and collaboration. It taught us that together we can fight through anything. Carpet Waves channel all these emotions and more in "Aura", the first single they wrote after their six-month lockdown break.

Written in a single emotional night, Benny, Kai, Javi, and Tim poured their frustrations and relief into every note. And nothing's more frustrated than the repeated guitar note drilling into the harmony. The raw edge of that tone accents the lyrics, awash in heavy reverb like the singer is overly socially distanced. When they sing "if weapons were my weapon tonight" over and over, it's both a mantra and a wish.

By the bridge, we're just as tired as Carpet Waves. Their release is our release. The long, held "tonight" rings out deep in our souls as the guitar solo tears through the hazy harmony and carries us through a roaring journey. There's still a dreamy aspect, but with heightened clarity. We can see the end coming, and it's glorious.

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The song fades out in a blurry conclusion because there's still hope and despair. But we know we can get through it together.

Stream "Aura" below.

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