Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Apricus shows how to “Hold a Space” for your pain with grace and vulnerability

Tender and plaintive with an explosive moment conveying the process of accepting loss outside our control.

With near-silence evaporating into quiet piano chords, “Hold a Space” opens with a meditative moment. Like the brief seconds where you gather your thoughts before speaking, Apricus builds the first sentence carefully. “Give me your time, give me your eyes and I’ll see how to fill the space that’s left when tragedy erased my chest.”

As multi-instrumentalist Will Mikkelson’s persona explores the pain and path to acceptance, the predominant tone is plaintive. Whether it’s a conversation between friends or a prayer to a higher power, they’re asking for help.

The shimmering strings just below the surface cast an ethereal timbre over the whole piece, but also evoke a shattered past they’re recovering from. As they lament the cost paid to “soften every feeling’s edge,” there’s an understanding that the past isn’t that far behind them.

But the big finish, the moment of transcendence from conceptual understanding to practical reality, comes at 2:34. As the sound fills with strings, guitar, and pounding drums, the chorus starts. Each iteration before hedged the lyrics as a mantra used to convince themselves. Now, it resonates as a message to anyone else suffering. “You can float away or you can hold a space for the pain.”

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Stream “Hold a Space” below.

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