“Maybe it’s what we don’t say that saves us?” Marissa Kephart asks in “Little Lies”, the latest release by Elison. That gut-wrenching question lies at the heart of this track, asking us to examine a love burdened by an unspoken truth.

The ethereal harmonic timbre immediately transports you to a place of contemplation. Each quatrain of lyrics pulls you in a different direction, eventually succumbing to a wave of emotional pain. It’s beautifully heartbreaking.

“So, you learn to never part your lips, and in turn, you just use your hips,” Kephart sings. It’s half accusation and half commiseration. The heavy echo on her voice rings out in a hollow space, almost vacant except the words and Scott Yoshimura’s ephemeral harmonies. “You must taste like emptiness.”

Kephart sings of pain in the other person’s eye, but we never learn what the “Little Lies” are. It’s possible, the other person doesn’t know either, only that there are lies. And that’s what makes the conclusion so much more distressing: in that quiet, open space, she repeats, “save us.” A hopeless cry.

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Watch “Little Lies” below.

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