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Alyssa Caroline

A touch vulnerable, a touch guarded—the quiet ukulele and exposed voice of Alyssa Caroline explain what "kind of girl" she thinks she is as "Not the One" starts. It's remorseful and full of self-pity, apologetic to the world as she admits she's a "temporary fix until they find the one." Painful self-awareness that her lover sees her as just "what was available at the time."

But then there's a rewind.

The track clears the muddied mix with fuller reverb, replaces the ukulele with an electric bass, and fills out the instrumentation to create a defiant sonic space. The timbral shift announces: so what if you don't think I'm the one, neither are you.

"I'm moving on. I'm not taking any chances," she declares. Alyssa has owned the situation, flipping the hook's lament of "I'm not the one" into a statement of power.

It's a story of love, loss, and ultimately, perseverance—something Alyssa Caroline does very well in her music. "Not The One" authentically guides you through the emotional spectrum without shielding you from any step in that journey.

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Stream "Not The One" below.

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