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In the back of a Tokyo taxi, Aimés made a promise to her guitarist and co-writer Dougie: they would no longer hide behind covers of other people's music. "More Than This" was born from the scattered lyrics and musical thoughts they had kept closely guarded until now.

Opening with an emphatic guitar repeating a melodic mantra, the stage is set for the dark and moody alto lyric "Monday morning, it's lonely on the street." The upbeat soft rock groove carries under Aimés' tenebrous alto voice, building vibrant harmonies that contrast with the deep lyrical journey.

"How can you see me when I don't see myself?" the uncertain voice asks. It's the turning point. The instrumentation grows fuller with synths building a richer sound. As the orchestration layers pile on top of each other, a clear resolution seems imminent.

The vocals soar into Aimés head voice, the drums grow more aggressive, and the guitar pokes through the mix. It's like everything's building up the courage to take the final step.

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The scattered energy lands with "There's got to be more than this," the quiet resolve and a final single chord fading out.

Stream "More Than This" below.

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