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After a significant hiatus from the music scene, Japanese-American musician Jayce Geesey has finally made a comeback with his solo project A Village Above. The debut single, "Log Love", released on June 7, officially marks what is poised to be Geesey's more experimental era.

"Passionate lover/ Eternal flame keeping me warm/ We've got that red knot We'll be together for all time/ Girl you're my log love," goes the chorus, sung by Geesey with deep emotion as though breaking down with the infectious instrumentation. According to him, the song came about after his wife described wanting a love that burns slowly like a log in a fireplace.

Musically, the instrumental directive on "Log Love" is one-half Midwest emo and one-half Japanese math and post-rock, exhibiting Geesey's sophisticated musical finesse that's no doubt worthy of note. With guitar riffs that melodically gel with the pounding, rhythmic drum hooks, the debut number is instantly a promising treat from start to finish.

Lyrics like "And when we're together/ It lights up the darkest days/ I burn for your lovin' babe" fortify the indelible love that Greesey is so passionate about keeping ablaze "in every life," where he wishes they'll "burn bright like the stars into vast unknowns."

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Listen to "Log Love" below.

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