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Wings of Desire – “Chance of a Lifetime” February 28, 2021 by Ben McCoy
Sage. - Beautiful Boy
Sage. – “Beautiful Boy” February 24, 2021 by Ben McCoy

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Jack Frolich Formal education and identity collide in Jack Frohlich’s “School Boy” February 19, 2021 by Ben McCoy Bright, nostalgic guitars and disillusionment take a rhythmic journey of discovery.
The Shop Window Figure out what do you really want with The Shop Window’s new single “Out of Reach” January 30, 2021 by Ben McCoy Jam out with bright guitars and energetic vocals as the world outside rumbles along.
Maisyn Desire and indifference collide in Maisyn’s debut single “Cool Girl” February 3, 2021 by Ben McCoy Vulnerable and empowering lyrics dance together inside a harmony filled with hope.

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Sofi Gev in contemplation. Sofi Gev stars as supporting cast in new single “You’re The Star” January 15, 2021 by Ben McCoy A shattered slow burn revealing fear and fortitude.
Yellow Magnolia release new single “Lifer” December 18, 2020 by Anjali Rose Kumar With the pandemic halting live shows for all musicians at the moment, Yellow Magnolia are admittedly coping by spending more time in the studio cooking offerings slated for the new year.
Better days are coming with Elbé’s new single “These Moments” December 23, 2020 by Ben McCoy Mellow morning atmosphere wraps around a groovy bassline.

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