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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Addiction is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed. So many people have been lost because of it. The worst part is the fact that sometimes, they aren't doing it for fun anymore; they're doing it to feel alive, to feel whole, to just feel. And that's what's keeping them from stopping, from recovering. But maybe, we can help change that.

Now recovering from his battle with addiction, artist Yoshi Flower commemorates Lil Peep with his rendition of the late rapper's song "Star Shopping". Although the melodic arrangement and the lyrics are the same, Yoshi Flower approaches the tune in a much more different way than its original creator did, showing that his upcoming EP, ODE, will focus on memorializing the ones that we've lost to addiction, in his own way.

The original version of "Star Shopping" is lo-fi, full of beats that give the song weight and heaviness, whereas Yoshi Flower's version is much tamer, opting instead for an acoustic approach with the guitar and vocals. Harmonies were also added, to give this rendition a lighter and more morose feeling.

The entire ODE EP won't just be music though, it's going to be a bridge to the help that people need, since its proceeds will go straight to charity, specifically to addiction recovery programs that a lot of people so desperately need during these times. So, even if you can't relate, then you can at least stay and listen for this amazing rendition, or for the change that it will help bring.

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Stream "Star Shopping" below.

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