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We all know that one person who just can't escape from bad habits caused by the internal and external struggles that they're facing. Someone who's seemingly stuck in an existential dysfunction that sparks a chain reaction of self-destructive patterns—think dominoes.

This type of person is what Canadian duo Wotts address with their latest single, titled "Domino". The writer of the song, Jayem, who is also the band's lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, admitted that he couldn't shake the thought of a particular person he knows who fits the bill with the song's message. Although, it has been stated that the song does not exist to chastise those going through a rough time in life.

The track follows the duo's release of their song "Release Flight", and is a far cry from its R&B influences, instead opting for a bouncier, more proactive approach with the instrumental. Ricky 100, the bassist and guitarist of the two says, "I think we're having a lot of fun exploring with new sounds, and trying to build an atmosphere with our music."

Visual inspiration is very prominent in the creation process of Wotts' music, with "Domino" having been created with the film "The Breakfast Club" and series "Stranger Things" in mind. These have gone on to influence the song greatly, giving it the charming throwback vibe that it has, particularly stemming from its '80s aesthetic.

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This is achieved authentically too, with the duo using old-school keyboards, the Juno 106 and Yamaha DX7, to make sure that they get the retro sound that they're looking for. In the end, it all culminates in an amazing show of vocals and instrumental mastery that will leave you wanting more.

Stream "Domino" by Wotts below.

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