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Indie is all about uncovering new creatives. Up-and-coming band White Bike are out with their debut single, "I Like You", featuring singers Nathan Trueb (Tango Alpha Tango) and Arianna Rose Anchustegui.

With a cool cover looking like it came straight from a vinyl record store, this song is a hybrid of indie pop and lo-fi rock that has a certain edginess to it. It's groovy pacing is backed up with the ostinato guitar figure that makes it easily one catchy song.

Memories of carefree youth are manifest in the anecdote's opening, but there also comes remorse when it's gone. The themes are overshadowed by satirical prose. "We got drunk on a Monday and we don't care what the neighbors say," they muse.

As the mood elevates, you'd get a different twist in the sense of the words "I like you", as if having an inner monologue with the future and past self through the upbeat chorus. It's got an established sound, style, and spirit blended into one.

Tempo is set by buoyant guitar strums and Robin Levy's grounded drum hooks, complemented by ambient pads to emphasize the steady, yet essentially thematic rhythm sustained throughout.

It's the perfect feel-good soundtrack that somehow clashes with its own angsty lyrics, topped off with the appealing harmonies of the dual lead vocals, both sultry and husky at best. It explodes in your ears with a smooth, lushly vibrant feel.

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This song is the first of a series of singles to be released this year leading to the outfit's upcoming EP, A++.

Stream "I Like You" below. It's too hard to miss.

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