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From the Black independence movement Forty Million Strong emerges a figure now hailed as the "architect of revolutionary rap." V of 40M, whose global debut in 2021 left a lasting impact, has just dropped his latest track, "The Score". Collaborating with fellow 40M members 40M Tye and Hippie G, V has crafted a powerful anthem that resonates with the movement's shared ethos.

"The Score" marks a significant chapter in the rapper's musical career, combining thought-provoking lyrics with LABACK's masterful production. As V's music intertwines with the movement's aim to secure sovereign land and autonomous rule for Black communities, he is no stranger to firing up his songs with messages brimming with social tropes.

"They say we down, that's a bet/ Tell 'em double check the score/ Sometimes more is less/ Sometimes less is more," the chorus goes, hinting at not backing down on any circumstances undermining their cause. "40M in full effect," it promises.

The hip-hop artist steadfastly adheres to his mission to inspire, educate, motivate, and mobilize the masses with his latest number. From his debut release "No Church on Sunday" to the recent "Martin Luther", this has been his rallying cry, a testament to the power of unity and purpose.

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"The Score" is a manifesto‚ÄĒa declaration of defiance against systemic oppression and a celebration of resilience. With its pulsating rhythm and incisive lyrics, the track serves as a reminder that the struggle for justice is far from over.

Listen to "The Score" below.

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