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There's a raw energy behind The Pits Planet Earth. Tray James, Rebecca Raabis, Jamie Jones, Aaron Edzerza, and Tyler McKinney blend their disparate musical influences and pedigrees to create a sound that brings a dance party to a Death Cab for Cutie concert.

With left turn timbre choices and a blend of alt-rock and indie pop all their own, you'd never know The Pits have only performed together for three years. They are high energy, uplifting, and gifted lyricists.

"Fanny Pack" tells the age-old tale of boy meets girl, but from both their perspectives and an omniscient narrator. This anthem of blossoming love starts slow with a widely spaced arpeggio and something between spoken poetry and a Macklemore-inspired rap.

As the story grows, so do the sonic layers. Guitar, synth, drums—all build on the original arpeggio, pounding forward to gritty, catchy hooks and a repetition of their compelling metaphor of a polaroid in a fanny pack.

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Both musically and professionally, The Pitts Planet Earth are gaining serious momentum. Keep your ears open for their spacey synths—you never know where that raw energy will take them.

Stream "Fanny Pack" below.

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