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Having the one you love leave you is painful. Nights filled with missing them, missing how you made them feel and how they did the same for you. It's a comfort that's gone, possibly forever. In the end, you're left with no choice but to move on and find someone new. But the truth is, you just want to have something that's close to what you already had back then.

This is an experience that Auckland-based Taylor Roche's latest single "similar feeling" tells all too well of. A fusion of synth-pop and R&B elements across different eras, the song is a vibey tune that ultimately gives you a look into Roche's nostalgic soundscape.

Co-written by Joel Jones, who is a producer-songwriter from New Zealand, the track explores the nuances and caveats in moving on and going into another relationship. It doesn't just explore the point-of-view of our narrator, but it also delves into the situation of their ex-lover, who has also found that old comfort with another.

Taylor Roche doesn't just sound good when you're streaming his music though. He's been performing on stage since he was a kid, translating even into adulthood, where he spent the majority of 2019 traveling and performing around the world for the largest cruise corporation in the world. Now, he's making a name for himself on all sorts of platforms may it be on the radio or online.

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"similar feeling" is just another banger in the artist's resume. So, why not give it a listen and have it be the gateway drug to Taylor Roche's other work?

Stream the song below.

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