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Tunnel Snakes

Picture a backyard grill with bratwurst sizzling away, the summer sun beating down, and you reach for a Modelo Limon y Sal. If you're Caleb Bakke and Abe Anderson, that sip might have ruined everything. In their own words, it's much more "sal than limon." To prevent it from spoiling their afternoon, they wrote "Lemon and Salt", their debut single as the Tunnel Snakes.

Humorously named for the fictional underground gang from the Fallout series, they don't take anything too seriously. "Lemon and Salt" is pure fun. Groove-filled guitar riffs and bouncy drums keep your head bobbing. Simplistic lyrics find their way to your tongue, easily rolling off to join their melody. "Take another sip, take another."

With a lighthearted approach, they've nailed the paradoxical tone of summery punk. Even the quick rewind at the end followed by the spoken "ready to rock" in the background feels indie. The song's short, and easily loopable. So, take another sip and listen to this first taste (and certainly not the last) from the Tunnel Snakes.

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Watch the "Official Singalong" below.

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