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Don't you just love that giddy feeling you get when you're absolutely, undeniably head over heels for someone? Well, Dan Paris (aka Early Jets) has you covered with his debut release titled "Right Kind of Fantastic", a ballad that tells of our narrator's complete infatuation with someone, taking his love and bringing it into a world of color and vivid imagery.

Being Paris's solo music project, Early Jets combines electronic rock with pop in his music, giving it a semi-futuristic soundscape that still remains grounded. Having written over 50 songs, the artist finally decided to share his talent and skill to the world with his first-ever official release.

Music isn't the only passion Early Jets shares, though, as Paris is also a public school teacher. "Right Kind of Fantastic" was in fact written and recorded right in his classroom. He wrote it during his free time, which is absolutely mind-blowing considering the amount of work and care he was able to put into the track while still being able to handle his students.

Oh, and if you're wondering about those sweet, gentle harmonies throughout the song, they were actually from Paris's co-teacher, Samantha Taggart. Her vocals ended up giving the song a more whimsical tone, especially during its choruses. The outro isn't anything to miss either, with it having an elevated instrumental along with the pair's vocals, capping the song off with pure bliss.

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So, what are you waiting for? Listen to Early Jets' debut single and see if you can find the "right kind of fantastic that helps set you free."

Stream the song below.

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