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Shortly after completing his A levels, Alex James Dobson wanted to help the world. Instead of spending his summer partying in Ibiza, he flew to Botswana to help disadvantaged youths. While there, his world changed with a single car crash.

Once the car stopped flipping, his nightmare began. "I could no longer feel the weight of the car, or the burning tarmac under the sun, the shards of glass." For years, he'd struggle through those moments, fighting his own mind. His newest single, "Fear No Fight", is less challenge and more mantra for dealing with PTSD.

"Living my life like a dream," his vulnerable falsetto teases. It sounds magical, almost positive, until he finishes the sentence in a reality-drenched chest voice, "or so it seems." The flip between hazy thoughts and stark truths represents his disassociation with his own body and with reality.

In the "Fear No Fight" music video, a disembodied, technicolor head floats on a sea of ever-changing kaleidoscopic color and film grain. The unnerving, psychedelic picture mirrors Stoic's mind. As he "wandered through the blackest night," the only grounding we're given is the clarion drumkit marching us through the madness. When it drops away, is it reality or are we trapped? It is both scary and empowering.

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Watch "Fear No Fight" below.

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