Stef Pesic’s Serbian parents instilled a love of music early in his life. His father’s music collection inspired his own pursuit of music. After school, numerous indie bands, and a burgeoning career, music flows through his fingers.

Born and raised in London, the English indie and hip-hop scene clearly influenced his latest single, “Don’t Hesitate”. A syncopated rhythm section in the verses and staccato delivery in the chorus merge these styles and more into something uniquely Stef Pesic.

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Inspired by his own experiences during the COVID pandemic, gentle guitar chords echo in the empty opening, introducing the vulnerable and complicated theme of loneliness and bad choices. It’s intimate. The microphone picks up the small squeaks as his fingers slide from chord to chord like he’s sitting in front of you, pleading for a chance to explain.

“You know me/ I could do with some help,” he sings as the rhythm and harmony drops out. It’s Pesic’s voice doubled by a guitar in an honest, exposed petition. This plaintive approach emphasizes the introspection versus action that’s built into the verse and chorus dichotomy. “Call my phone,” he begs. He just wants a chance to do better.

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Stream “Don’t Hesitate” below.


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