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JW Francis

Composing an ode and setting it to music might sound like a Valentine's Day cliché, but what if it's for a valentine you've never met? Every year, JW Francis takes to Instagram and sends out the call, "If you send me the name of your valentine and the reason you love them, I'll write a song for them on your behalf."

And two years ago, he got an inspiring response. The Valentine: Sanaz; the reason for love: she's sweet as a rose. That's all. But from that scant info came "Sweet As A Rose."

While it's true, the lyrics don't expand beyond that besides saying "Happy Valentine's Day," there's something bright and happy that pulls you back in over and over.

Part of the happiness comes from JW Francis resolving almost every cadence up. It literally feels uplifting. The intimate vocals embrace each line, turning them into a true testament of love.

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Even the repetition of the licks burrows into your head, making you smile as the song progresses. In every sense, it's sweet and wholesome.

Stream "Sweet As A Rose" below.

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