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We're just gonna be completely honest here by saying that this song left us speechless. Like, we don't think it needs any more introductions than just one statement: this song is perfect, and you should listen to it right now. That isn't even an exaggeration. If you're a fan of alternative RnB and indie pop, then just open your chosen streaming app and click play.

Twenty-three-year-old New York artist Sirota hits it right out of the ballpark with her latest single, "The Window Song". It isn't necessarily telling a story, but there is one there alright. A story of the world stopping for you, growing without even realizing it, then being thrust back into the world without a moment's notice.

The anxiety, the depression, the insecurity of all of it snapping back and hitting you right in the face; you're older now, but you don't even know how it all works. But maybe you can find an answer out the window, the inspiration that Sirota used in creating this song that she would describe as "a tune for crying and vibing on the playground."

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If you don't get it yet then don't worry, listening to it will make it all clear to you. After all, we all grow up, so why not listen to a really good song that might help us along with that?

Stream "The Window Song" by Sirota below.

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