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Sean David Christensen tells a story differently with the instrumental version of "I Miss The Old You"

A story told through instruments and sound, just pure unbridled bliss.

We all like stories, right? Most of us love them to death. Nothing's better than going through the motions of a narrative, coming along for the ride through visuals and words. Well, what if we told you that this story's a bit different? What if this story is as good as its counterpart, except without any words? We know what you're thinking: "that's impossible." Well, you're in for a surprise.

Sean David Christensen, along with collaborators John Schroeder, Ross Garren, Ethan Chilton, and Ryan McDiarmid, present to us a tale of love, loss, and reminiscence with an instrumental version of "I Miss the Old You". The offering doesn't have one line or lyric in it unlike its original version, just pure instruments and music. The rest? Well, you fill it in with your own experiences.

The song blends different genres, from acoustic to country to folk. And it's just perfect, truly. The technique that the group used is divine, even flipping the mic around during some takes to get a warmer vibe. Mixed by Joey Messina-Doerning, and mastered by Trevor Case, all of the elements shine together and combine as one perfectly. This version is definitely a godsend since it does what the original does and actually adds so much more to it.

But the real show-stealer is Chilton's trumpets. It gives the song its nostalgic feeling as if it was set in a bygone era, with no technology and the internet to be used as a medium for what we feel. It truly gives the song a feeling of home, and of losing it. And by giving it more time to be isolated, you come to realize that a song doesn't actually need any words for it to be good, for it to be great.

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Christensen isn't a stranger to being featured here at UNXIGNED, and for good reason. If you want an adventure, with lyrics or without, then you know who to listen to.

Stream "I Miss the Old You (Instrumental)" below.

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