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As the first of five singles and two EPs to be released, "Love Is Chaos" starts out Huntch's latest musical offerings.

Written, performed, recorded, and produced all in-house, "Love Is Chaos" has been in Duncan Lee's, Will Curran's, and Skyler Garn's hands every step of the way. It may be the only tightly controlled aspect of this wonderfully chaotic exploration of love's mess.

"I seem to fall in love with everyone that comes along and looks at me," Huntch excitedly laments. The honest, heartfelt lyrics shine through a sparse harmonic space. But sparseness doesn't mean simple. Surprising choral changes bring each lyrical moment to life while an ever-present synth ties everything together.

Even timbre choices reflect the bedlam of love. During the guitar solo, the band overlays "do do dos" to complicate what would otherwise be a straightforward solo. Even the end, which is built up to be a predictable conclusion quickly shifts gears to a slow, jazzy episode with a fluttering square wave.

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From a simple opening to a sonic non-sequitur ending, let the chaos flow.

Stream "Love Is Chaos" below.

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