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Royal Oak

High school relationships hold a special place in our hearts. Not just the sweethearts, but also the friends who did crazy things (and maybe even got us in crazy trouble). But growing up, you sometimes grow apart. "Yearbook" tells the story of reminiscing on one of those relationships.

Royal Oak's latest single, the second one from their upcoming 11-track album, combines sparse, heartfelt narrative with a catchy, pop-punk-styled chorus. The two tones feel like an accurate swing between the remembered good times and yesteryear, both drilling into an emotional core of what those memories hold.

"I hate the smell of cigarettes, but I love how it reminds me of late-night drives with you," they belt in the chorus. One sentence ties those two times together in a bright, bouncy way. It's enough to make you remember your own relationship ghosts.

By the time the sax solo hits at 1:40, you're ready for that soulful reflection. The punctuating guitar bursts in the verses and the high-energy choruses have led you to your own moment of contemplation.

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Stream "Yearbook" below.

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