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"I'm not the same as yesterday; everything changed yesterday," British singer-songwriter Marcus Valance sings in the opening moments of his latest single, titled "Yesterday". Right from these starting lyrics, listeners will be able to know and feel the weight of what is on the artist's shoulders. A weight that most people don't even have the strength to speak out about: the emotion of grief.

We've all been there. Losing a loved one, feeling as if your tears are about to dry out from all the crying and pain. We almost never believe that someone so dear to us is gone, just like that. That for the whole world, it's just another normal day passing by; and we feel as though this is unfair to them, for their memory.

"Yesterday" is Valance's way to channel his own grief through music, which he has come to love and have a penchant for ever since he was a child. The song's instrumental is sheer perfection, from the guitar to the piano and harmonica, and even to the shaker. Everything comes together so well that every second is unforgettable.

The lyrics are utterly heartbreaking, with Valance truly opening his heart out to us, despite his difficulties in speaking out about the topic at hand. This track is not just about him, but for all of us out there struggling to show our vulnerabilities involving grief.

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Let Marcus Valance's newest song move you with its raw, unbridled beauty. Let it flow through your veins like blood, and gain the strength to accept. Don't worry if it's too fast though, you can still "dream an hour more."

Stream "Yesterday" below.

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