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Not all love lasts. And often, we know it's doomed from the start. But that doesn't keep us from relishing every second of it. Tilla (often stylized in all caps) brings "Doomed" love to the spotlight with this first single from their upcoming album.

"Doomed" pulls in a soulful chord progression right from the opening bars. And while there are retro influences, Tilla's background as a DJ shines through immediately, creating a catchy modern twist on what could have easily fallen into cliché nostalgia.

The track opens with bells tolling and hushed whispers. Chords pitch down, bending into artful distortions. Energy bleeds from every note, and it's an intoxicating pain—you want every second of what you know is doomed, all before the vocals even start.

"Do you have the spirit, do you have the power to be down with me?" she asks. It's both challenge and admission that she knows her lover can't match her. "I'm afraid you're from another world."

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Even the vocal line dances between rushed notes careening towards a resolution and extended notes that linger like an invitation to catch up. But Tilla controls the tempo, and we know we can't reach her. We're just as doomed in this relationship as she is. But neither of us wants it to end.

Stream "Doomed" below.

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