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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Modern Moxie began when Madison Lucas started writing songs in her bedroom. Fast forward a few years and she met bassist Harry Kollm, her future husband. The man who officiated, Phil Pucci, then joined with his guitar. And he brought his friend Charlie Weeks and his drums.

With such a tight-knit band, there is some intense trust in the songwriting of "Weeping Willow", the fifth track off their upcoming EP, Gutter Honey. As Madison's almost childlike tone bubbles a bright pop melody about missing childhood and that connection to nature, the rest of the band carefully crafts a stark, almost languid harmony that beckons reflection on the past.

It smartly sets up the darker side of missing childhood: as an adult, you can't really tune out the horrors of the world. "Do you remember we used to play outside in the night?" they ask. It sounds lighthearted, almost wistful, heightening the disparity between the reserved harmony and effervescent melody.

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"I don't want to be scared anymore," she pleads. The cognitive dissonance between happy sounds and dark lyrics lies poking through every line once you see the twist, cleverly crafted by each bandmate holding onto that reveal for as long as they can.

Stream "Weeping Willow" below.

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