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Mud Whale

Mud Whale's third single of the year, "French Roast", exudes the comfort of spending a perfect, lazy Sunday with your lover. But that chill vibe isn't stagnant, bold and dynamic chords lock into the lyrics like a warm embrace.

Just like the other singles from their upcoming album, Everything in Moderation, "French Roast" explores their signature fluidly dynamic sound. The soothing guitar and vocals settle gently over the laid-back rhythms. It beautifully marries with each line describing the ups, downs, and mundane middles of building a life with someone.

Vocalist and guitarist Michael Morris didn't want "French Roast" to be the typical hyperbolic love song. As he says, love is "the boring stuff, like feeding your cats or sitting down after a long day to zone out and watch a show you both enjoy."

Lyrics like "French roast again—I take it right up to you laying in bed," nail that sentiment. That active choice to stay simmers beneath the mellow harmony and vocals, bubbling out from time to time to illustrate those golden moments.

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Stream "French Roast" below.

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