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"The bar's on the floor," Sophie Odira explains in the opening line of her latest single, "Little Love". That's society's expectations for men in relationships. Even at 18 years old, it's an internalized structure in dating. And not just for Sophie—"Little Love" was inspired by viral memes on the same subject.

But with fingers sliding over an intimate guitar and a warm tone, Sophie Odira is shining a light on this imbalance. In the first verse, she admits, "It's enough that you just listen when I talk. No man's ever done that before." By the time the dynamic conclusion lands, there's self-actualization and a setting of standards for future lovers.

The mellow twists of the harmony subtly build toward her realization. As the orchestration grows fuller and brighter, a warmth filters through her voice. The jaded opening is left in the past where it belongs.

"Little Love" is a kind of indie music therapy. "In my innocence, I believe what I saw in the movie scenes." Everywhere we turn, this stereotype is reinforced. You can't escape unless you take a stand. In Sophie's case, a powerful, catchy musical stand.

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Watch the lyric video for "Little Love" below.

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