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Experiencing loss plants the fear of it inside our minds, but it also plants the seed of hope and remembrance within our hearts. Even though one of the people we hold dearly is gone, it's up to us to keep their memory alive and to continue living for them.

In the first half of 2022, artist Nate Hadley is set to release his debut EP titled Before you say goodbye, with "sunset over paris" being one of the five tracks on it. Keeping in line with the overall theme of the EP, the song is about a friend that Hadley lost a few years ago, but is also for the other loved ones that he has lost throughout his life.

The fact that Hadley decided to channel his feelings of coping with loss in the form of beautiful music just goes to show how strong he really is. "sunset over paris" is tender and minimal, yet it can still reach the deepest depths of your soul. Its acoustic and folk influences shine dominantly throughout the song with its soothing chord progressions, offsetting the melancholy of its lyrics.

There's a saying that everyone dies twice: once when their physical body is gone, and then when their name is uttered by someone else for the last time. Before you say goodbye's songs won't just form together as an EP, but they will be Hadley's reassurance to those he loves that he'll keep their memory alive as long as he still breathes, and he'll keep them living on even when he himself is gone.

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Stream "sunset over paris" below.

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