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Mila Webb

Mila Webb, the sixth child of the legendary songwriter Jimmy Webb, proves the apple doesn't far fall from the tree with the titular track from her upcoming EP, Lucky Nights. Complete with a time-defying music video blending modern film techniques with a retro vibe, "Lucky Nights" peeks into a reflective and psychedelic remembrance.

"You give me lucky nights," Mila Webb sings. There's a hint of the "breathy alto" that makes her words float over the simple and resonant harmony. It's stark but ephemeral, especially paired with the music video's kaleidoscopic background of microscopic creatures.

Mila calls "Lucky Nights" a "love letter to darkness" where she's "inking vividly the memory of a dream." That tenebrous theme carries over into the black boxes enclosing the singer in the video. Her contrasting white outfit further leans into an "inked" feel.

Even the line, "you make the stars come out," pulls us further into the night with her. The pop-like melody drifts through the bars until we're left with only vocalizations as everything fades, ready for a replay.

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Watch "Lucky Nights" below.

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