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Scottish singer-songwriter Michael Hyland's debut double a-side single release is officially out today. Featuring Hyland's musicianship in a new light, the effort tours the dynamic spectrum of emotions.

The lead track, "No One Left To Know", ricochets between the joys of found friendships and turmoil of those lost.

Hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland, multi-instrumentalist and music producer Michael Hyland last released an LP titled Everyone Has Their Time with the band Manistone. Since then, he's embarked on a solo journey, discovering a sound to call his own.

Playing most of the instruments on this track, "No One Left To Know" explores a driving and affirmative reflection on friendships lost and found. Those conflicting feelings are underscored in the few seconds with bright keys carrying the melody over a muted overdriven guitar.

With dense, thrumming musical textures and relatively sparse accompaniment, the vocal delivery captures a lively, yet contemplative mood. Bouncing melodies blend melancholy with elation.

"There's a cost to every comfort," Hyland sings, before approaching the titular line. Sonic layers build with controlled chaos. The repetition of "bombshell" leading to sparkling synths and silence brings the reflection back to the listener.

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It's no longer just Hyland's experience. It's ours, too.

Stream "No One Left To Know" below. Check out also the other track, "Got You Running".

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