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Real Face

Right out of the gate, Real Face opens "Justice Is Closure" with a big, bold drum and guitar-supported vocal line. At a quick-paced 228 bpm, this banger barrels forward through the uncertain concept of closure.

As Andrew Tyson admits, closure may or may not be legitimate. The unsure stance reflects in the rhetorical questions they pose and in pleas tinged with references to death. "Please do not leave this mangled body to the wayside," they rapidly petition. They already know it will be, though.

The acceptance of the situation sits uneasily throughout the whole piece. It's an unwilling state. The vocals carry the expected punk attitude, but there's a tender undertone that speaks to their wounded nature.

But they push through the pain with a definitive and anthemic guitar solo, almost aggressive dark choral harmonies at the end, and self-aware commands like "so meet me in the old cemetery so we can pay respect to this lifeless mass."

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Each note bleeds a radical honesty about a situation that may or may not have a resolution. The concept of closure is elusive, but even if it's never achieved, the search is important.

Stream "Justice Is Closure" below.

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