Thursday, November 30, 2023

Tucked away in Javièr den Leeuw’s childhood, he and his musical partner Roos Meijer created a dream pop home. Across the Dutch city of Hague, melancholic melodies and ethereal soundscapes floated from this attic as the duo formed Maida Rose.

Now, after a harsh 2020 and in the middle of a cold, dark winter, Maida Rose offer a reprieve. Their debut single, “Harmony of Heartache”, comforts a loved one battling depression.

The muted opening and slowly building heartbeat-esque drum set the stage for Roos’ consoling tones. As the first verse ends, a hesitating moment of silence signals the first shift in tone. Moving away from the near-lullaby sounds, her breathy alto rocks between comfort and counsel. Concern floods every line.

Each musical layer embraces the harmony, weaving in like a group hug. Synths, drums, bass, guitar—each glue a new level of support while adding harmonic nuance.

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Even when the harmony lingers on a major key, it’s a puffy-eyed smile—the tears have stopped and, while it’s not better, it’ll be okay. Because, as Roos sings, “the loneliness will fade.”

Stream “Harmony of Heartache” below.

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