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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

New York City-based producer, media artist, and composer Luc Bokor-Smith may only be in his 20s, but with Parlour Magic, he channels the retro heart of the '80s. His debut album, The Fluid Neon Origami Trick, layers analog synthesizers with a narrative vocal line in a sine wave heaven.

Bokor-Smith spent several years growing his distinctive style. While many musicians play venues, Luc engulfed them. After graduating from Brown with a BA in Music in 2018, he focused on live multimedia installations.

With a history of embodying a place, is it no wonder that the closing track on The Fluid Neon Origami Trick reads like a Vegas night out? After all, the album was recorded right in Sin City.

The synthwave soundscape and loveable Thomas Bangalter-esque vocal timbre balance a synthetic soundscape with conversational lyrics. But just like Vegas, the glitter isn't gold. After a 30-second instrumental cooldown, Bokor-Smith at 4:02 sings through filters. A modern text-painting technique bringing the heart of "Limelight" center stage, burning spotlight and all.

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From beginning to end, "Limelight" walks you through a Vegas that could be decades old or only yesterday. Walk this timeless night narrated with modern techniques and vintage equipment.

Stream the album below.

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