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Looking for an all too specific indie rock song about love that has a dubstep-like drop in the chorus? Then fret not, for you've come to the right place. Harlow's Monkeys' latest single is definitely what you've been searching for.

Headlined by Bay Area artist Tommy P, Harlow's Monkeys are exploring a new area with their music, deviating from the morose, mournful, and folksy tone of their last release titled "Fresh Terror Machine" and opting instead for a more pop-rock vibe. "Gravity" tells the story of what people feel when they fall for someone, absolutely magnetized by their very being. The problem with this, however, is that it also comes with an immense amount of fear and nervousness.

Sporting a poppy beat and a guitar riff that can be best described as heavenly, the track has a surprise trick up its sleeve: a half-time chorus that is reminiscent of a dubstep bass drop. It completely throws the listener off guard with its unorthodox addition, but then you realize how the song just wouldn't be as good as it is without it. This feature was jokingly suggested by a friend of the band, which ended up playing a key part in the final product.

Coupled with a production that's no less than perfect, beautiful harmonies and poetic lyrics that can never get old, the song really feels complete. Not to mention the calming end of each chorus after the drop that leaves room for us to appreciate all of the different elements present.

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Overall, it's a listening experience that truly feels new; where everything is placed right where it should be. The only thing missing now is for you to finally make a move on your crush.

Stream "Gravity" by Harlow's Monkeys below.

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