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Following the success of her debut single titled "Dear Heidi", Australia-based artist Michelle Limanjae releases her latest offering, "Pluviophile Song". The self-composed and -produced track is exactly what its title sets it out to be: a song for people who love the rain, a population that Limanjae is part of.

A lot of people think rainy days are mostly sad and gloomy, but pluviophiles like Limanjae say otherwise. Instead, they find tranquility in them, a sense of peace as the little pitter-patters of raindrops are heard on the windows; a time where noise actually brings quiet. This environment is actually where the artist got the inspiration and drive to create the song, getting a spark of creativity during a rainy afternoon that allowed her to finish the whole thing.

The song's production initially took place just in Limanjae's bedroom, with Drigger Studio's Dimz Mahesha finishing it off with mixing and mastering, giving it the extreme polish that can be heard in the final product.

Michelle Limanjae's light, comfy vocals accompanied by a bouncy instrumental and straightforward lyrics define the song, being able to turn a gloomy day around for anyone looking to lighten up their mood. Although seeming to have more pop influences, the track still pays homage to its rock roots with its chord progressions and bass lines especially during each chorus. Listeners are also in for a treat with its climax nearing the end, where its rock elements shine through while accentuating the artist's vocals with catchy adlibs and heavenly harmonies.

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And yes, the rain can definitely get you down at first, but why not learn to love it by listening to "Pluviophile Song"?

Stream the track below.

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