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Kingdom Jasmine

Kingdom Jasmine's "Rules of Verse" is a warm look at a cold reality

A folk heart and a pop sensibility blend African-inspired rhythms, an airy guitar, and Whitmanian lyrics.

Bob Barrick, the man behind Kingdom Jasmine, spent the last few years "rediscovering" his artistic voice. During that time establishing himself in the Colorado scene, he laid the tracks down for his latest single, "Rules of Verse".

As part of his Brain Gravy singles series, Kingdom Jasmine introduced pop elements to "Rules of Verse". The bright tone and Whitmanian lyrics, the catchy beat inspired by African musicians, and an airy guitar jamming away evoke a relaxed indie pop vibe. But you can still hear the folk heart pounding away in the simple, but powerful main guitar melody.

The thought and care put into each vocal line and instrumental touch shines through. The strings, punctuating the warm atmosphere, say just as much as the vocals. "Condemned to be free forever/ alone on a useless endeavor," he cries, and the fiddle counters with its own thoughts on the matter.

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With intricate guitar moments and a twinge of vibrato lending a "salt of the earth" quality to Barrick's voice, the song paints a warm look at a cold world in a moment where happiness can be hard to find.

Stream "Rules of Verse" below.

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