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Kick the habit with Heavy in Pocket's "(ode to) Jiffy Boy"

A psychedelic mix of blurry words and shimmering instruments plunges you into the struggle of breaking free of bad habits.

With a shimmering opening, Heavy in Pocket sets the stage for a psychedelic fight about kicking bad habits. Their latest single, "(ode to) Jiffy Boy", embodies the struggle of yearning for that crutch while still having the power to walk away.

On paper, that power to walk away may look like a simple trip from point A to point B, but Heavy in Pocket illustrates that seesawing internal argument with blurry words and shimmering instruments. Even the melody teeters back and forth, rocking from one note to the next and back like they're still determining if they want to move forward. The paradox of hesitancy tinged with determination weaves its way through every second of this homage to fighting destructive habits.

"Get out the danger zone," Iko warns at one point. Their ephemeral voice a little fuzzy and distant in the mix. It perfectly parallels the same angle-and-devil-on-your-shoulder moment in other lyrical moments like when they tantalizingly encourage those habits with lines like "reach for that spark" and "he said, 'you're mine.'"

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But with a bright ending, Heavy in Pocket leaves you with a hopeful promise that you can evolve into the better version of you that you're battling for.

Stream "(ode to) Jiffy Boy" below.

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