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Ever been in situations where everything happening seems a bit too much to handle; as if your brain is about to explode unless you tuck yourself back into your own little corner of the world? Well, this feeling isn't limited to humans, at least not in Kai Ono's latest song.

A commentary on social anxiety disguised as a robot having difficulty in understanding, "Too Many Computations" shows off the artist's technical skill and creativity in the best way possible. From the robotic tone of his voice to the jazzy, synthy instrumental, Ono has the pieces falling into place masterfully without a single miss, all the while pushing the boundaries of musical storytelling.

The singer-songwriter is the same as all of us, being no stranger to social anxiety. The inspiration for the track are his own experiences with this, where he finds himself questioning at times his capabilities as a person, but shortly reminding himself that he's just plain awesome. Combine this with his strong desire to create a disco bop, and voilà, you have yourself one of the most addicting things you have listened to in your whole life.

The lyricism in the song is nothing to scoff at either, immersing the listener in the sci-fi world that the artist has crafted. And although dedicating himself to jazz-infused songwriting, Kai Ono's experience with classical piano is still able to shine through, specifically during the track's breakdown in its final minute that just takes you to a whole new plane of existence.

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And if self-producing it wasn't genius enough, Kai Ono decided to release the song on March 14th, commemorated as Pi Day, adding some more depth to its general theme of futurism. So, if you feel like your brain is about to short-circuit, then why not vibe to "Too Many Computations" first?

Stream the track below.

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