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Just Super is the alter ego of Geo Botelho, the Massachusetts truck driver and preschool teacher turned “tortured artist” (in his own words). That eclectic background bleeds unto Botelho’s music with the genre-blending single, “Not Me!”, part of his upcoming debut record, Not Much, But All I Think About.

As the strings draw out a cinematic opening, a funky bassline muscles in. Shortly after, a retro R&B vibe takes hold before an indie-pop vocal effect enters with emo lyrics. It’s a blend of styles unique to Just Super, encapsulating a changing concept of self and understanding—something this latest single stemmed from.

“Not Me!” started with a single line, “That shit only happens to other people.” When Botelho began composing it, he wanted this to be about imperviousness and resilience but quickly realized this song was really about growth from the same situations that he thought he was immune to. Opening the song with this line from the chorus immediately dives into Just Super’s disbelief, inviting us into the same growth Botelho experienced.

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You can almost hear Botelho’s conscience in the bass interjections sprinkled throughout the song, like a muted voice of reason.

Stream “Not Me!” below.


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