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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Finding it hard to sleep lately? Too many thoughts on your mind? Yeah, we've been there too. Emotions that eat you up inside, feeling like you just can't seem to shake them off no matter how hard you try. The pain, the anxiety, all adding to it. And the worst part? You can't even battle these demons on your own because the self-doubt is way too much to bear. Then you start to realize that your greatest ally, suddenly becomes your greatest enemy.

juracán (aka Pierre Carbuccia Abbott) has added a new single to their ever-growing list of music, titled "My Mind". It tells a story, one of darkness, and slowly but surely turns those immense emotions into the best weapon a person can have: hope.

Starting off with the strums of an acoustic guitar, the track was actually built around this framework, with the first verse almost coming out of Pierre's mouth automatically. From there, the song amplifies and goes on to show the journey that the artist wanted to create with his sound.

"My Mind" isn't what it is without help though, with friend and collaborator Eric Leavell at the helm of producing and mixing, the song is able to maintain and ensure a full and eclectic sound.

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So, if you're going through tough times, then juracán has you covered because he's been there too.

Stream "My Mind" below.

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