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Haitian-American singer-songwriter and visual artist John Roseboro does not aim small. He melds human rights, love, and religion into his bossa nova beats and buttery voice in his every set across the California coast. Those gentle tones and sacred references have earned him sobriquet "Angel of LA".

John's latest project is Homage, a weekly series of singles paying homage to "humanity and what it means to exist in this world–together and apart." The last track on the series, "Son of My Father", explores his expectant relationship with his firstborn son.

Written while his wife was pregnant, themes of integrity and unconditional love float through lyrics and harmony, binding our thoughts with this expectant father's. "Just hold my hand and I will lead," he offers in the chorus, showing the way to the next verse and idea.

The stripped-down instrumentation opens up for a tender saxophone solo punctuated by light pops of a xylophone, like a father talking to his newborn. Both in the instrumentation and Roseboro's vocals, strategic breaths heighten the anticipation for his phrasal conclusions.

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From beginning to end, we crave to hear this father's music of love to his soon-to-be son.

Watch the official music video below.


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