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Jakk Fynn

Jakk Fynn is a transmasculine queer artist. In 2022, that is much more accepted than it was in years past. And it's still not a perfect world. So Jakk Fynn poured his pain and outcast feelings into his latest single, "Meow", so everyone would know that there's a community that supports you.

While "Meow" was written from Fynn's experience with internalizing his transgender identity and his own mental health issues, it's crafted in a way to offer solace to anyone suffering from similar struggles. He even breaks from the music midway through to speak directly to his audience telling them they're seen, valid, and not alone.

It's a message no one can miss because it's a life-or-death situation, literally. Fynn took to social media explaining that his birthday last June was his planned deathday if things didn't get better in his life. So, when he sings, "that's fine, it lets me know I'm still alive," there's a heavy weight behind those comforting words.

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And if you're curious about the title, you're not alone. He's promised to explain that too on social media. But for now, let those sweet synths and warm vocals offer a bit of comfort until he sheds more light on this heartfelt message.

Stream "Meow" below.

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