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As you get older, finding love gets harder. More baggage, less time, smaller dating pool—there are many reasons why this is the case. And frankly, sometimes it's easier to avoid a relationship than try to make it work.

Sleeplore capture that defeated yet hopeful state in "Easy", their latest single. American songwriter and producer Clyde Rosencrance brings in Piotr Stanisz on violin, Stephen Martin on drums, Alan Hanczyc on bass, and multi-platinum artist Anthony J. Resta on everything else (additional guitar, modular synth, and lap steel to name a few). The group creates a wonderful tension between the bedrock of atmospheric sounds and a glossy, shimmering pop energy.

Sleeplore build quiet energy into the vocals. "It would have been easier if they hardly noticed." That heart-weary line weighs heavy with reluctant hope prickling through the pain.

As the song wraps up, the long instrumental outro diminishes. The volume quiets, instruments drop out, and the sound stretches, preparing you for the soul-crushingly beautiful final chord fading into nothing. Contemplative silence lingers—did the relationship start? Or, as they opined, maybe it's easier on everyone if the silence wasn't broken.

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Stream "Easy" below and decide for yourself.


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