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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue—"Girl I Need to Know" by The Flops is the perfect marriage of so many elements.

Something old: Tony Boll, one of the founding members of The Flops, originally penned the lyrics as a poem for a former professor, Dr. Jerry Williams at Marymount Manhattan College in NYC.

Something new: A few tweaks to the lines, Preston Fauver sliding around on a funky bass line, and Devin Ritts pulling the lonely lyrics along one drum beat and cymbal crash at a time. It feels simultaneously stark and robust, building out a complete world from so little.

Something borrowed: After dusting off the lyrics, The Flops wove them into a cinematic marvel. Opening on a windy, rainy soundscape, it leads into a swirling harmony. You want to light up to sober up in this film noir bar scene.

Something blue: While the piece is intricately composed, Caleb Dance improvised the jazzy sax all on a single take. It's visceral and feels alive, just like you were sitting in a bar hearing them play.

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Stream "Girl I Need to Know" below.

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