Monday, September 25, 2023
Deathsport - Under a White Sky

The headline isn’t an exaggeration. Deathsport will donate the earnings from streaming and track sales of “Under a White Sky” to Fridays for Future, the youth-led and -organized group for climate action (you might know their most famous activist, Greta Thunberg).

But “Under a White Sky” is more than just good intentions. Tom and Mike Zitzelsberger have crafted a wonderfully deep indie rock track that explores technology’s role in the world ending. “Sunlight won’t come through,” they sing juxtaposed against bright guitars painting a wishful picture of happiness.

All the lyrics are based on Elizabeth Kolbert’s book by the same title. She explores a similar theme: humanity’s impact on the Earth from a scientific perspective. While Deathsport veers toward the emotional plea, there are elements of nature that parallel the book.

The opening few seconds slowly crescendo to full volume, like a sun dawning. Lyrics straddle the divide of needing tech and suffering because of it (“Humor me technology, move me in the big city.”). And even the outro, a synthetic creation of bird chirps, harkens back to what we might be left with.

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Stream “Under a White Sky” below and help save the planet.

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