Granny Smith

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“A true artist suffers” is a very bohemian cliché. And yet, “Out of My Head” was born from the dissociative episodes Jason Battacharya (aka Granny Smith) suffered after a series of seizures left him in a coma. As Battacharya reflected on what these competing identities and voices meant, he captured it all in disorienting yet gripping music.

“Out of My Head” is short, clocking in at only one minute and eighteen seconds. Yet Granny Smith has woven so many melodies, basslines, and unique musical moments into the tight timeframe, often overlapping each other.

But while there is controlled chaos, he’s built a safety net for listeners. The piano anchors the swirling thoughts with just two chords that rock back and forth.

So if you get lost in the heavy echo and reverb that blends the lines into an almost indistinguishable harmonic wall of sound, find the piano. It breathes with you, allowing space for each thought to flit through and filter into the greater whole. And if you can’t catch everything in one go, hit repeat. You’ll find something new every time you listen.

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Stream “Out of My Head” below.


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