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Good Lekker

We’ve all encountered that frat-bro asshole who thinks with their firsts. But we didn’t all write catchy songs after the interaction. Good Lekker took this real-world run-in with an “explosive ball of masculine narcissism” and turned it into a satire and critique of this brutish caricature.

“Man, I’ve been around, and I’ve met some pricks,” Good Lekker sing, “but you take the prize.” The pointed lyrics stand in stark opposition to the lighthearted guitars and resonant synths. What they do match is the insistent percussion. The whole package strikes an emotional chord like you’re confronting that “oversized child,” as they later call this character.

“Belligerence” is a direct statement: don’t be this person. It nestles into a larger effort by Good Lekker to curb poor behavior in the music world. Coming out soon, you can buy a “Don’t be a Dickhead” t-shirt. Also slated for the near future is a video entitled “Good Lekker Gig Etiquette: 6 Ways Not To Be A Dickhead”. The ultimate goal is to encourage safe spaces at live gigs.

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The powerful context and captivating melody turn “Belligerence” from a passive (though amazing) experience into an interactive march. When you sing along, you’re letting Good Lekker know that you don’t approve of this kind of violence and aggression and that you’re not a dickhead.

Stream “Belligerence” below.

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