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Brendan Scott Friel

Canadian musical artist Brendan Scott Friel is back with his first full-length in four years, Summer Moons. The focus track, "All In", explores the beauty of naivety and how we wonderfully, helplessly fall for certain people.

There are just some people you meet who just seem to call to you. And even though you've gone "all in" on these adventures before, there's nothing you can do but say, "hold on, here I go again."

With swirling ambient chords and minimal drums, the dreamy new journey commences. Any trepidation falls away with Brendan's warm, half-whispered vocals. A bright acoustic guitar pierces through, guiding the lyrics from verse to chorus to bridge and back again.

"You've got a hold on me," he sings through a smile. There's trust and hope, a remembrance of heartbreak and uncertainty of the future, and a chance for celebration and opportunity.

Each line mixes these complex emotions across the bare accompaniment. The notes stretch across the echoing reverb, mingling nostalgia and visions of the future.

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So go "all in" with Brendan Scott Friel's latest effort and explore the mysterious force of attraction that defies reason.

Stream "All In" and the rest of Summer Moons below.

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