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Georgia Harmer tells you to relish every moment while you're in them with debut single "Headrush"

A reflective debut that reminds us to live in the moment while it lasts.

"I miss moments when I'm no longer in them," Georgia Harmer says of her debut single, "Headrush". The track, which marks the beginning of the singer-songwriter's solo career following her stint as a backing vocalist for Alessia Cara, plays out as a gentle reminder that more than reminiscing, it is being completely present in the moment that makes it most worthwhile.

Harmer wonderfully captures that sense of longing for what had already passed through lyrics that are nothing short of nostalgic. "Hours go by / Let's drink up the sky / and spend some time / being little kids," she opens, crooning atop a laid-back, slow-burning rhythm. With delicate shades of recollection and a voice so vulnerable, the song shifts stride between grounded and high-spirited musical cascades.

Juxtaposed with every beat are washes of retrospect oozing from the rather dreamy musical buildup. From the palm-muted guitar to the dry, vintage drums, Harmer's style induces a measured, thematically astute dose of pop indie. It makes one want to go back to a particular time and live it once more like there's no tomorrow.

In fact in the video directed by Jimmy Vi, Harmer is seen walking and skipping toward an open field just as the sun is about to set. It's drenched in melancholy despite her looking content. As the continuous shot follows her through, she's eventually joined by friends, hopping and playing around in sheer euphoria. Such encapsulates the best feeling of youth—but at the same time its slipping away.

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Watch "Headrush" below.

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